Tuesdays |
 Nov. 14 - Dec. 5 | 6:15PM-9PM | In-Person
NYU / New York University / Washington Square


In this workshop-style course, acquire practical experience and invaluable knowledge of design and advertising techniques for mobile and desktop. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at pnh5@nyu.edu.

 Oct. 4 - Nov. 8 | 6PM-9:30PM | In-Person
Location: NYU / New York University / Midtown

Expectations of where and how brands interact with our mobile and tech-savvy culture consistently evolve. Learn how marketers meet and forecast consumer expectations by focusing on current and upcoming technologies and platforms, on underlying behaviors and trends in device and platform usage, and on content and context that brands must provide for success. 

 Nov. 13 - Dec. 18 | 6PM-9:30PM | In-Person
Location: NYU / New York University / Woolworth Building

Develop your expertise by engaging in seminars and campaign simulations and learn what is needed to coordinate successful marketing campaigns. This course covers tools, strategies, and management tactics to produce a successful campaign, while focusing on implementing emerging technologies. Work in teams to produce a real-world marketing project for a small business in the area in order to display your mastery of campaign development, execution, leadership, and measurement.

 Oct. 17 - Nov. 9 | 6:15PM-9PM | In-Person Format
Location: NYU / New York University / Woolworth Building

Explore how mobile marketing can be maximized and how success in mobile marketing can be measured.

 Oct. 7 - Oct. 14 | 6:15PM-9PM | In-Person Format
Location: NYU / New York University / Woolworth Building

As a business owner or a designer, learn to create effective, engaging digital advertising for desktop and mobile websites.

 Currently In-Progress | In-Person
Location: NYU / New York University / Woolworth Building

Learn how to measure digital marketing campaigns effectively using web analytics and email profile data.

Upcoming offerings at the University of Richmond, School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Always feel free to email phenriqu@richmond.edu.

University of Richmond School of Professional and Continuing Studies
28 Westhampton Way | Richmond, VA 23173


Digital Advertising & Marketing
Saturday, Oct. 14 & Sun. Oct. 15, 9:30AM - 3:30PM
Location: University of Richmond, Jepson Hall

This course offers effective digital advertising strategies and techniques. We will discuss a variety of digital advertising options for desktop and mobile, how professional design can increase sales for businesses, and how to interpret analytics to target advertising to the audience you want to reach. Students will engage in hands-on activities in designing and implementing digital advertising including digital ads, social media tactics, native advertising, video advertising, interactive ads and more!

Private Digital Instruction for Your Business
Dates: Anytime that works for you or your team
Schedule with the instructor the time
CRN: TEC217.04

NEW! How is your business doing in the digital landscape? Could you use training and exposure on reaching potential customers through a stronger digital presence? Sign up for digital consultations for your business ranging from reviewing your digital marketing, suggesting improvements to your website, evaluating your social media exposure, assessing your mobile presence and more. We cover how to improve the overall look of your digital presence, building your audience and more to address your business-specific needs. This consultation could also be valuable for individuals in your company who are new to digital marketing or could use an outside perspective.

Private Instruction | Digital/Online Presence
Dates: Anytime that works for you or your team
CRN: TEC217.05
Location: University of Richmond, Jepson Hall
Email: phenriqu@richmond.edu

One-in-One sessions to help individuals or businesses with their website, advertising or marketing and/or computer questions. Provide consultation and training for your existing advertising or website; or help with launching a new ad/marketing promotion or site. All questions welcome.

Introduction to Building a Website
Dec. 2, 9:30PM - 4:30PM
Join us for an introduction to ways you can build you website: professionally and affordably! We introduce you to various programs to build your site, for new beginners to pros. We cover tips for designing it, how to drive traffic to your site, how to read analytics and the nuts and bolts of creating and/or improving an existing site to help get you started.


Social Media Workshop
Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 10 AM - 4 PM
Location: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School

This workshop features how to promote your art, writing, business or product on Social Media in fun, engaging ways. We cover new tools (many free) to add color to your Social Media efforts -- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. We also cover trends for digital media, how to expand your social audience, improve the visual presentation of your social platforms, drive exposure back to your core product and brainstorm creative ideas for social content. Hands-on experience with new products to improve your social graphics. Please bring a laptop or mobile device.