PIPER NICHOLE is very happy to have her new paintings available at the Smithsonian American Art Museum store and Renwick Gallery store in Washington, DC! She is the author of The Everything Homebuying Book, 3rd Edition (Adams Media, Everything Series), The For Sale by Owner Handbook (Career Press), and Buying a House on a Shoestring (Career Press). She has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Journal, CNBC, MarketWatch/Dow Jones, AOL Real Estate, ABC Radio, Yahoo! Finance, Washington Post’s Reader Express, NASDAQ, The Boston Globe, ShareBuilder, Bankrate.com, Traders Nation, Cable Radio Network, USA Radio Network (syndicated to about 100 radio stations), ESPN’s Viewpoint and more! She teaches at New York University, the University of Richmond and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Studio School. Her art is available at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Please feel free to email Piper at pnh5@nyu.edu.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pipernichole   
Instagram: piperluvs
Contact: pnh5@nyu.edu | 804-356-6067
PO Box 1316, New York, NY 10276

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